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Consulting every step of the way – both professional and personal

Our consulting aims to administer precisely to your needs. However, daily business frequently takes up so much time that there is hardly any left to carefully analyze where improvements could be made. Sometimes all it needs is a comparison or somebody to implement change. We offer professional support in all these areas, always with an eye on the most optimal tax solution.

Our main focus lies on following areas:

Starting a Business

You have a compelling business idea, but don’t know what further steps you need to take to realize it. Every foundation requires some preparatory work. From choosing a suitable legal form over establishing efficient accounting ... read more

up to finance and liquidity planning and examining sources of funding by public authorities: We offer professional consulting and take care of tasks that you probably wouldn’t find time for in the first years. We are happy to correspond with public authorities and respond to requests from fiscal authorities. Our focus on this range of services leaves you free to focus on your new business.

Economic Consulting

How do I read a business assessment? Is my performance good enough for a planned investment? To answer these questions we support and consult you on investment and financing questions, ... read more

analyzing short-term income and financial statements, setting up profitability and liquidity plans, analyzing of your internal control system and increasing your accounting’s efficiency (for example by digitalizing), recapitalization, succession planning and any other questions you may have.

Corporate Transformation

Is my organizational structure the right one for me? Have all risks been considered and is the structure efficient? If you are asking yourself these questions, we can professionally consult you on the restructuring of your business or group. ... read more

This can mean divisions or outsourcing to create independent businesses for certain fields of activity in order to minimize risk, for example. On the other hand, mergers are suitable for many businesses to streamline organizational structures and save administrative costs. There are many reasons, especially fiscal aspects, to use the possibilities offered by the German Transformation Act and Transformation Tax Act (Umwandlungsgesetz, Umwandlungssteuergesetz).

Emergency Preparedness

Have you ever asked yourself what would happen if you didn’t show up at your business tomorrow and couldn’t return for a longer period of time? ... read more

Every entrepreneur needs a so-called emergency kit or file for this unforeseeable situation. One central aspect here is ensuring the legal capacity of the business.

Please contact us, we are happy to offer support.


Who will be my successor?
Have you ever thought about this topic? In principle, it is never too early to think about it. ... read more

In many places, the days when sons or daughters automatically took over a family business are long gone. It’s important to ask your children early on whether they are interested in succeeding you. If this is not an option, you need to look for a successor elsewhere.

But finding a suitable person isn’t the only thing – your business also needs to be prepared for new management. Steps need to be taken beforehand in order to be able to transfer the necessary competences to the successor when needs arise. In addition your successor needs to be so familiar with the business that he or she can guarantee that operations will continue to run smoothly.

The sooner you take care of your succession, the more certain you can be that you decide how your business continues.

We are happy to help you.

Drafting Last Wills

For many of us, this is a disagreeable subject, but it is an important one. If you have an “après moi, le deluge” attitude, you can check this particular box. However, if you are a responsible person, ... read more

you should start thinking about drafting a last will.

There are many reasons to draft a will: Marriage, the birth of a child, the foundation of a company, the purchase of real estate or other significant assets.

There are different types of wills, from handwritten wills to contracts of inheritance.

In the case of the latter, in-depth consulting – especial under fiscal aspects – with a lawyer is urgently required.

Anticipated Inheritance

Dieses Thema kennen Sie vielleicht auch unter der Bezeichnung: „Übertragung mit der warmen Hand“.

Particularly from a fiscal point of view, it can make sense to transfer assets to the next generation during your lifetime. ... read more

There are a variety of different options, for example usufruct, which still guarantees you receive the fruit of your assets. In this case, assets are transferred from a fiscal point of view using tax exempts and a lower donation tax progression. This can save high amounts of donation or inheritance tax.

Especially for companies and real estate there are interesting possibilities that we are happy to present to you.

Execution of a Will

Wann ist es sinnvoll einen Testamentsvollstrecker einzusetzen?

Ordering the execution of a will makes especial sense when the heirs appear unsuitable for the execution and/or administration of the inheritance, ... read more

due to lack of experience or vulnerability (for example minors or disabled heirs). If it becomes apparent during the lifetime of the testator that the heirs have divergent interests, it can also be helpful to order an execution of the will.

The main task of the executor of the will is the realization of the testator’s last will.

In the course of an execution that winds up the estate the executor settles all estate liabilities and carries out all formalities arising due to the succession (for example termination of contracts). He ensures that conditions imposed by the testator are complied with as well as inheritance fulfilled. If there is a community of heirs he can additionally be appointed with the proper division of the inheritance.

In an ongoing execution the inheritance is managed further after the execution of the will. This form of execution of the last will makes sense when the heirs are minors or insolvent, as the assets can thus be protected from creditors.

At the end of the day the execution of a will is a matter of trust. It is important for the executor of the will to not only have the necessary professional qualifications and experience in inheritance, fiscal and if necessary corporate laws, but also the appropriate social competence in in dealing with the heirs and further entitled parties.

We will be pleased to explain further details in a non-binding personal conversation.

Voluntary Declaration

You have consciously or unconsciously not declared all revenue in the past and would now like to make up for it? This can be rectified by voluntary declaration. ... read more

All revenue not previously declared needs to be fully disclosed and all connected taxes paid so that impunity can be achieved.

We will prepare the declaration of previously undeclared revenue and determine the amount of tax that needs to be paid. We are also here to answer any questions you may have around this delicate subject.

Crisis Situations/Restructuring/Liquidation

Nobody wants it to happen, but a company can be thrown into crisis through no fault of its own. It then becomes necessary to fathom out how the crisis can be overcome. ... read more

How and with which measures can restructuring be successful?

Does it make sense to pull the plug and file for insolvency? This needs to be prepared with the aid of a legal specialist.

Does it possibly make sense to liquidate the business?

In all these questions we offer professional support.

Further Consulting Areas

Procedure documentation for digital document storage.

Data analysis via software also employed by the financial authorities.