Let’s Talk About Money

What will this cost? A question that we often hear in our first telephone call with clients. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to this. No commission is like the other. But you’d be surprised how manageable the costs for our services are – measured by your efficiency gains.
Why not come by for a non-binding conversation and an espresso? Our checklist will help you prepare for the first conversation.

Fee Agreement

Would you like to know how much you have to pay for our services?

Our fees are based on the German remuneration regulations for tax consultants which determine a certain value or hourly cost limit.

Our remuneration for audits is based on our expenditure of time and a fee based on the balance sheet total.

Business consulting is billed based on our expenditure of time at an agreed hourly fee.

To be able to give you an overview of the expected fees we require following details:

✓ Accounting: Annual turnover and the amount of outgoing invoices
✓ Personnel accounting: Amount of employees with fixed salaries and with variable payment
✓ Annual financial statements: Balance sheet total, annual turnover including other income and annual result
✓ Tax declarations:
✓ Income overall
✓ Income from letting and leasing: Total income and expenses per object
✓ Income from employment: Annual earnings
✓ Savings and Investments: Total of income
✓ Income from commercial activities or self-employment, if no accounting is done by us: Total income and expenses

Download the checklist as PDF.