Anke Dreier

At first glance, a mandatory issue…

… that not many people are enthusiastic about.
We are! The way we see it, financial accounting is very close to your business. It depicts your reality in business transactions and accounting records and changes depending on what you create in the “real” world. At the end of a defined period, it results in figures that portray your skill as an entrepreneur. Which receivables are due from whom and what is the actual margin considering the semi-finished products? Our goal is for you to recognize yourself in the numbers depicting your business. Good accounting is a safety net that supports your natural intuition with reliable numbers.

Personnel accounting not only serves to fulfill your obligations as an employer to taxes and social security, it also supports you in implementing optimized remuneration for your employees, with the focus on net wage optimization. ... read more

Various ways of cooperating are possible, depending on your needs.

In traditional accounting we enter your business transactions in accounting. We receive all relevant documents, the invoices that go out to your customers and the invoices you receive from your suppliers and service providers. Via your bank’s IT-interface, we also process your business account’s turnover and combine everything in regular intervals (from weekly to monthly up to quarterly) in accounting. The advance VAT return is sent to the financial authorities and you receive your economic data processed as a graph or table. This gives you an overview of your monthly costs and shows you at a glance how much each employee costs. Of course we also transfer the advance wage tax returns and the notification to social security to the respective authorities in due time.

We also offer traditional accounting digitally. Documents that are not available as a file are digitalized and collected via a web platform and can be accessed any time using a secured website. You can see which customer invoices have already been paid and by embedding your business account, you have full control over your liquidity. The platform also allows you to prepare and process necessary data for personnel accounting.

Scaled accounting: For us, scaled accounting means we adapt to your reality. If your business grows and we see that it makes more sense to transfer accounting to your offices, we will support you, if requested, in training one of your employees or in taking over preparatory tasks yourself in order to save costs. At the same time we will of course assist you if there are shortages in your company. Here we can offer support in almost every part of the financial accounting process. For example, handling your dunning, preparing payments in the bank as well as reporting packages for shareholders or banks. At the same time our accounting offers a resilient foundation for our tax consulting. Because our accounting team works hand in hand with our tax consultants, we ensure that you always get the best fiscal advice.

As you can tell, we enjoy accounting. If you would like to see for yourself, we look forward to meeting you and giving you a first look at how we can work together in future.