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Keeping on top of things

The less forms, notices, and official letters you have on your desk, the better we are doing our job. At least that’s how we see it. Leave your receipts, letters from the tax office and audit reports to our specialists. Let us deal with your papers, leaving you more time for business decisions, your employees, and your family.

Tax Consulting

Fulfillment of tax obligations made easy.

Whether you are a private individual, freelancer, tradesman or small or medium-sized business, we will take care of your monthly advance and annual tax returns, leaving you free to focus on the important things: Your business. …more


Using common sense – aided by computers

Statutory or voluntary audits, annual or consolidated financial statements, corporate entities or partnerships, small or large – we cover the whole range.
Our work ends with the audit report, adapted to your needs and where necessary extended to include separate explanatory notes. Your institutions (legal representatives, supervisory board, shareholders) and, if necessary, further recipients such as your banks receive detailed information to base their decisions on. … more


At first glance, a mandatory issue …

… that not many people are enthusiastic about.
We are! The way we see it, financial accounting is very close to your business. It depicts your reality in business transactions and accounting records and changes depending on what you create in the “real” world. At the end of a defined period, it results in figures that portray your skill as an entrepreneur. Which receivables are due from whom and what is the actual margin considering the semi-finished products?  … more


Trust is Tradition

Some situations in life leave no time or energy for financial matters. Additional strain due to guardianship of a parent suffering from dementia, illness or other extraordinary circumstances in the family can leave clients feeling unable to manage their personal lives. … more


Our consulting aims to administer precisely to your needs. However, daily business frequently takes up so much time that there is hardly any left to carefully analyze where improvements could be made. Sometimes all it needs is a comparison or somebody to implement change. We offer professional support in all these areas, always with an eye on the most optimal tax solution.
Our main focus lies on following areas: … more


“Anything that can be digitalized will be digitalized.”

In large corporations digital accounting has been a reality for quite some time. For a long time, however, the solutions were too complex, too cumbersome and often simply too expensive for medium-sized and small companies. … more