Over 80 years old.

We are a family business in the fourth generation. And when you come to us, you can tell. No politics, no internal power struggles, no meetings that run on for hours. Instead, we offer a friendly, cooperative atmosphere, in which we learn fast, reach agreements quickly and help each other. Respecting private life and family are a given. We look forward to hearing from you!

School Leavers

Janine Fork

A Solid Foundation for Your Career

After successfully passing your Abitur or Fachabitur you now have to make the important and far-reaching decision of what to do next.

Are you looking to sharpen your economic understanding, have an understanding of figures and are interested in a line of business that is continually changing and yet extremely sound?

Then training as a tax consultant assistant at Gothentreuhand is a good decision. Our colleague Janine Fork agrees:

“When I was choosing what to do after my Abitur I quickly decided to train as a tax consultant assistant, as this is a demanding profession with daily challenges. ... read more

My daily work includes consulting clients, taking care of finance and personnel accounting as well as business tax declarations. The training is accompanied by vocational school, which covers the theoretical parts of economics, taxation and accounting. The various education possibilities available after the training has been completed allow to broaden certain areas either in taxation or accounting. For example studying or further training as a certified accountant or advanced tax specialist accountant assistant. When I was choosing where to start my training I quickly decided on Gothentreuhand in Bochum, mainly because the diversity of the employees gives me insight into each area of taxation as well as accounting and auditing. The openness, friendliness and competence of the employees always ensure that we can complete new tasks together.


Janika Ammon

Auditing and Tax Consulting: The Cross-Sector Start to Your Career

Can you get to know different sectors and businesses if you’ve only applied to one company? Our colleague Janika Ammon says you can:

“During my Business Studies (BWL) I did a practical training course at Gothentreuhand, gained first insights into the areas we are active in and got to know the team. At the end of my training course I was offered a permanent position after graduation. I greatly appreciate the cooperation in a family business and the helpfulness of my colleagues, especially in the period after my practical training course, when I was writing my BA thesis. ... read more

Now, a good year after graduating, I am firmly established in my job. My responsibilities are very diverse and fascinating, from accounting over reviewing tax assessment notices up to preparing tax declarations, monthly and annual financial statements as well as supporting annual audits. Step by step I am taking on more tasks and responsibilities.

I enjoy my job, as it is varied, interesting and always changing. My responsibilities are so diverse that I get to know different sectors as well as the entire range of services we offer our clients.

I am glad that I chose practice. This enables me to gather experience and I know that my employer will support me in a few years when I tackle the tax consultant examination.


Tom Gothe

Career With Prospects

As an experienced professional you already know how other businesses work. Whether industry or consulting, every job and every employer have their characteristics. The more experience you gather, the more you know whether you are in good hands or strive for a change.

Joining Gothentreuhand is the right decision – for your entire career, Tom Gothe explains:

“Before I applied, I already knew Gothetreuhand as a family-run business. Nevertheless, I thought about it a lot before I applied at Gothentreuhand after five years of experience in consulting and industry. For me, it was mainly important that we think in generations. Every member of the team feels responsible for our clients as well as for our younger colleagues. We treat each other trustfully and like family. On top of that, you are given responsible tasks from an early stage on, but you are never left to deal with them alone. ... read more

At the same time, our sector is very challenging. Tax law is constantly changing. The administration of the financial authorities are converting their processes from analogue to digital, auditing requires sound knowledge in operational processes and expertise in accounting.
Gothentreuhand adapts perfectly to existing knowledge and enables lateral entrants to expand their skills in areas that are important for our daily challenges.

Tax consulting and auditing at Gothentreuhand means responsible, independent and self-determined work as well as life-long learning – for anyone who sees this as a chance for a varied career, applying here is the right decision.

How To Apply?

Your Application

If you are interested in joining our team, we look forward to your unsolicited application.

Whether you are a school leaver, graduate or an auditor/tax consultant: For us it is important to see that you are interested in us. That’s why we would like you to reference our business in your application and clearly communicate why you fit into our team.

Current job vacancy

Audition assistant (only available in German)

Operational administration  (only available in German)

Tax accountant assistant (only available in German)

In application documents we attach great importance to ... read more

a formally correct application explaining how you can use your qualifications and personality in our team. Please send your application exclusively as a PDF with following contents:

  • Application letter
  • Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages)
  • References (graduates and professionals need not include the Abitur diploma)