Your language, our service – right at the heart of Germany

Working with us means you will have a base in the very centre of Germany’s economic heartland. The metropolitan region Rhein-Ruhr is one of the most powerful business centres in Europe. 6 Million people live and work between Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Wuppertal. Over the last 50 years Rhein-Ruhr has successfully moved its focus from steel and coal to the health industry, High Tech, education and logistics.


Your partner for auditing and tax consulting in the heart of the Ruhr region.

A medium-sized company for medium-sized companies – that’s exactly who we are!

We, the Gothentreuhand GmbH, are an auditing and tax consulting company in Bochum. We are family oriented and conscious in tradition – our own tradition even goes back to 1936.

If you plan to engage in economic activities in Germany, you can count on our support and expertise in all issues of company start-up and tax declaration (monthly, annually). Our range of services includes … more


Ελεγκτικές, φορολογικές και συμβουλευτικές υπηρeσίες στην καρδιά του Ρουργκεμπίετ (Ruhrgebiet) της Βόρειας Ρηνανίας-Βεσφαλίας

Εμείς, η Gothentreuhand ΕΠΕ, είμαστε μια επιχείρηση στο Μπόχουμ (Bochum) της Γερμανίας πιστή στις παραδόσεις μας εδώ και 80 χρόνια. Εργαζόμαστε μέσα σε ένα φιλικό περιβάλον με ευχάριστη ατμόσφαιρα που αντιλαμβάνεσται αμέσως όταν μας επισκεφτήται. … περισσότερο